Entertainment on the Road

I recognize the cats musical commercials every morning when I pass by the Mannheim planetarium on my way to the office. What is new to me is musicals that play in a tent, get on the road and move from city to city, like a traveling circus. Admittedly, traveling circus were doing this successfully for decades and, apparently, it is the only reasonable way to distribute entertainment. Cultural amusement is not easily copyable and after having enjoyed it once it becomes less interesting – just like newspapers.  Also, musicians are traveling a lot giving concerts in many cities when they are on tour. But! is it every musician doing it this way? I guess not. While popular musicians do open air concerts classical music is commonly celebrated in sophisticated concert halls. There must be a difference in standards demanded by musicians. Same must be the reason why musicals have been enacted in sophisticated theaters and not in tents. What has changed? Why is it that now the stage, the whole cast and sometimes all instruments become mobile? I do not know the actual answers to that questions as I am not an expert in musical instruments, stages, lights or any other related technical equipment. But, I wanted to start that discussion that might be filled by experts. If differences in quality are recognizable in a musical, I don’t know. If it is profitable from an economic perspective, probably. People might have different opininions and insights on this topic.

I tend to believe a mobile tent cannot provide the same quality. Will I avoid musicals in tents, YES! … and please, no traveling operas! I hope there is no business model for that 🙂


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