Geocaching by nite

Geocaching is nothing totally new to me and I did it once on Mallorca. The cache was pretty simple, just finding the right spot at some GPS coords.

But some days ago it was the first time I did geocaching at nite and with multiple stages. In each stage we had to find the right spot marked with a reflector. Every found spot typically has some hidden small cache with hints to find the next spot. After we completed several stages we were able to reveal a secret what brought us to the final coords and to the main cache. Here I got a trackable from Massachussetts.

Fortunately, we recorded our nightly hiking tour in the Hardtwald of Karlsruhe:

The experience of doing a scavenger hunt at nite surrounded by boars everywhere in the forrest was exciting. But also doing geocaching with multiple stages is absolutely fun! There’s even more. I discovered some extreme scavenger hunt geocaches on that introduce time restrictions and force you to stay within certain locations/regions. Most of them require the software whereigo. I think I will try some of these quests in Mannheim. I do have to drop the trackable I found in the nightcache 🙂


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