Regenerate Oil?

Enjoying our dinner and some drinks, some friends and me talked about e-cars and the new business model promoted by Shai Agassi’s “better place”. Of course, we talked about the Lotus-like Tesla cars as well.

What’s more, I remembered a documentary I watched on German television that talked about renewable fuel/gas (abiotic crude oil). Abiotic crude oil is said to be created under high pressure and temperatures found >100 km under the earth surface. Some oil reservoirs claim to experience a never ending oil well. I found the documentary again on youtube (3sat hi-tec, 3 parts, German):

playlist on youtube

What is interesting about the idea of abiotic oil is that gas prices would fall immediately as scarcity ceases to exist. Here, one starts speculating if that is why that theory is unpopular. A lack of information about actual numbers, current research and opinions leads to conspiracy theories.

But, from a long-term perspective it wouldn’t be positive for our planet if abiotic oil is reality. Electric vehicle developments would slow down and we all would continue with damaging the environment 😦 With that crappy summer in Germany I believe in a climate change and I would do anything to get my summer back 🙂

Driving an electric vehicle would be an option for me. I would love to drive a Tesla roadster, but my wallet lacks the necessary cash flow for the 100k € (base) price tag 😀


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